About Us

BPiC  Group, the owner of BPiC, TSS, and S'dream brands, was established in 2011 and headquartered in Pennsylvania. It is a modern enterprise which specializes in researching, design, manufacturing and sales of fashion products, including jewelry, watches, lighting and drinkware. Over the past ten years of our development, we stood firm with rigorous and persistentcraftsman spirit, adhering to the "professional, dedicated, integrity, win-win" conceptandmaintaining fast, steady growth.

BPiC's product development design team is composed of industry elite designers, who always learn from international excellence design concept, and also based on the traditional process, and the domestic market, to innovation and integration, with excellent products for consumers to discover life of different levels, different wonders, from their heart, free interpretation of their life forms. To date, BPiC has incorporated global partnerships in China,  Japan, HK and North America. BPiC is flourishing with a remarkable spirit!

With our jewelry, watches, drinkware and hand tools proudly fills the gap for the huge clientele of fashion product lovers who yearned for a collection of affordable luxury products that will not compromise on quality. A BPiC product provides the customer with a new level of luxury and fashion that they can easily afford and enjoy. Your BPiC experience is guaranteed to amaze you!